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100+ Currencies, 1 Solution

The rise of high-volume global sales and distribution channels has created both new opportunities as well as potential FX pricing challenges for merchants.
FXmicropay™, an innovative automated advance-pricing tool, gives your customers enhanced service and can help bolster your margins.

With over 13 years in operation, FXmicropay currently serves a wide range of the largest global operators. The service links online retail sales systems directly into our robust foreign exchange systems.

Through its wholesale foreign exchange capabilities and automatic real-time deal aggregation and netting, with FXmicropay you can:

Improve your customer's web experience by pricing goods and services in the currency of their choice

Benefit from RBS' strength and capabilities in the global foreign exchange markets to source competitive exchange rates

Capture FX margins previously internalised in the payment chain

Access detailed and feature-rich reports

Reduce FX management costs with automated deal aggregation and netting

Reduce administration costs through simplified treasury management for multi-national retailers

Minimise risk

Set FX rates for a period of time (from a few hours to several days) prior to the sales

Industrial strength processing – handling over $33 billion of annual flow

There is no minimum transaction size, the service is available 24/7 and over 100 currency pairs are supported.

Leading payment processors and major global ecommerce organisations are using and benefiting from FXmicropay.

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