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Access Online

Access Online brings together trade and cash management in a single, integrated web-based solution. By integrating our award winning and robust online payments, balance and transaction reporting platform with our trade finance portal, we empower you to more effectively manage your global cash flows and execute transactions.

Access Online enables you to track and manage your account balances, transactions and open cash positions, letting you maximise your working capital. It provides a secure environment for trade documentation, confirmations, statements and reports, 24 hours a day, from any location. The Client Service module of Access Online gives you 24x7 access to your client service teams, quicker query response times, real-time balance and transaction information and account opening information assistance and copies of your SWIFT messaging.

Access Direct and SWIFT Corporate Access complete our integrated suite of Access delivery solutions. Access Direct, our host-to-host payment engine, provides connectivity from your payments back office directly to our extensive international network, while SWIFT Corporate Access enables you to manage multiple banking relationships more effectively through a single-interface.

Notice to all users

Security and confidentiality are of high importance at RBS. We would like to remind you to please ensure that your computer is protected with up-to-date anti-virus software due to the ongoing threat of malware specifically targeting online banking services. When working with Access Online, please watch out for:

  • Unusual screen behaviour including even slight changes in design or messages, for example, announcing unavailability of the service;
  • Unexpected logon sequences, such as an authorisation step (Appli 3) in place of the logon code step (Appli 2);
  • Unusual delays when logging on;
  • Unusual payments, for example, to unrecognised accounts.

Please exercise your usual caution and vigilance particularly when authorising transactions.

If you experience any of these issues or are concerned that your security may have been compromised, please stop using Access Online immediately and contact your Client Service representative immediately.

Login to Online Services

  • Memorize your PIN code and change it regularly.
  • Do not share/divulge passcodes from/serial number of your security token to anyone.
  • Check account balance and transactions frequently and report any discrepancy promptly to RBS.
  • Consider using encryption technology to protect highly sensitive data.
  • Log off your session when not in use.
  • Do not install software or run programs of unknown origin.
  • Delete junk or chain emails.
  • Do not use a computer or a device which cannot be trusted.
  • Do not use public or internet cafe computers to access online banking or perform financial transactions.

New Administrators


To obtain support, for example, to unlock an inactive account or to reset a token, please contact your local company Access Online administrator.

RBS Regional Support Teams